Bratislava Population – Demographic Statistics

According to the latest census (2001), there are 428,672 people living in Bratislava. The true figure is likely to be somewhat higher as there are a lot of people living and working in the city with a permanent residence elsewhere in Slovakia.

There are somewhat more women in Bratislava than men: 228,131 to 200,541 – women constitute 53.2% of the city’s population.

Bratislava consists of five districts, the largest among them is Bratislava V (Petrzalka) located on the right shore of the river Danube with a population of 121,259 according to the Census, followed by Bratislava II with 108,139, Bratislava IV with 93,058, Bratislava III with 61,418 and finally the Old Town, Bratislava I with 44,798 inhabitants. 

For further information on the Census, please visit the website of the Slovak Statistical Office.