Bratislava City – History of Bratislava

Bratislava During Nineties
The events of November 1989 in Prague launched the dismantling of the communist regime. At the same time, the long unresolved question of the real federalisation of Czechoslovakia was raised along with the first political changes….

Bratislava After World War II
After World War II, the situation in Bratislava was fundamentally changed. Most of its Jewish population had not returned from the concentration camps, while the majority of German and Hungarian ethnicities were also removed from the town after liberation….

Wartime Bratislava
The growing influence of Hitler in Central Europe reached its peak in March 1939 with the disintegration of Czechoslovakia. Protectorate under Nazi administration was established in the Czech territory. Slovak politicians were called on by Hitler to decide on the further fate of Slovakia….

First Czechoslovak Republic
An important milestone in the history of the city was World War I. Bratislava was not hit by fighting directly, but the population were bearing its consequences on an everyday basis….

Bratislava In 19th Century
The beginning of the 19th century was borne in the sign of the Napoleonic wars. After the battle at Austerlitz in 1805, the so-called Peace of Pressburg was concluded between France and Austria in the Mirror hall of the Primacial palace ….

Bratislava Under Rule of Queen Maria-Theresa
In the 18th century, Bratislava became not only the largest and the most significant city in Slovakia but in the whole of Hungary. In this century, many pretentious palaces for the Hungarian aristocracy were built, alongside churches, monasteries and other church buildings….

Bratislava – Coronation Town
An unexpected turn in the history of the town was brought by the 16th century . In a tragic battle with Turks at Moháč in 1526 , the Hungarian King Louis II perished. Ferdinand of Hapsburg was elected new king at a session in the Franciscan church in Bratislava, despite the rival candidate Ján Zápoľský and despite the resistance of part of the Hungarian nobility….

Bratislava During Medieval Times
At the end of the 10th century the Hungarian state was established, with the territory of present-day Bratislava annexed to it in the reign of Stephen I (1001-1038). Bratislava became an important economic and administrative centre of the Hungarian borderland….

Bratislava During Great Moravia Empire
During the migration of nations, Slavs settled in the territory of present-day Bratislava. Under the leadership of the Frankish merchant Samo the ‚Samo’s Empire‘ was established – the first known tribal union of Slavs….

Bratislava And The Romans
At the time when Christ was born, the Romans discovered the strategic significance of the area of present-day Bratislava. They built here strategic military quarters which could also take advantage of the trade opportunities….

History of Bratislava
Bratislava ranks amongst the youngest capital cities of Europe and, at the same time, amongst the cities with a rich history dating back more than two thousand years. The position of the city at the very heart of Europe on the banks of the river Danube predestined Bratislava to become a trade crossroads, and the centre of many diverse cultures. First traces of a permanent settlement are related to the later Stone Age….